Yearstream is a Licensed Subscription-Based Enterprise Program

Yearstream acts as the connecting link between a digital yearbook and physical yearbook by enabling students to contribute memories to the School’s database of content.

Upload Content • Earn Badges • Get Featured

Increased Security and Privacy
Schools and Organizations demand increased security and privacy to protect the users. Moderation tools enable administrators to monitor students, approve and deny content, annotate albums and galleries, and push content to the feed.

User Roles
Yearstream user roles can be broken down into primary and secondary users. Primary users, consisting of basic-level students, have the ability to upload content, edit portions of their profile, earn badges as they contribute, find their friends and view their feed.

The secondary user roles are broken down into 3 categories: editors, administrators, and super-admin users. Secondary users have various levels of admin access to the non-public facing administrator panels.

Art Direction + Design + UX — Nakiska Shaikh
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